About Us


CoreMega Solutions is a product and service provider with the sole aim of finding solutions for either your home or business ‘s network installation, maintenance or replacement matched with high quality products to ensure that every solution is simple, yet very efficient and effective. We understand that technology and the information technology infrastructure of every office forms the backbone of support necessary to make all other functions within your organisation run like a well-oiled machine, and therefore we aim to find business-orientated solutions to ensure that you enjoy the full benefit of all the tech-solutions available; ultimately giving you the competitive edge.

If you are looking to install a new network in your office or home, need to maintain or update an existing network infrastructure, in need of server administration or maintenance, require IT products such as notebooks, printers, routers etc. and need professional advice as well as high quality service, you are in need of CoreMega Solutions.

For a range of products that we have available for sale, as well as any queries regarding the installation or upkeep of network and server setups in your office or home feel free to contact us.



…is to make everyone’s day a little more convenient by providing core solutions for your company’s or personal network and IT related needs and requirements.



…is to deliver high quality service, affordable, cost saving and quality products. We will save our customers and clients time and money, through sustainable and reliable solutions.



…CoreMega Solution prioritizes being mindful, respectful and caring of all stakeholders affected by the conduct of business. This includes adhering to legislative requirements, promoting green business in an effort to protect our environment, treating all stakeholders justly and fairly, conducting ethical business and delivering the quality service and products we commit ourselves to.

CoreMega Solutions is currently still a small and developing enterprise and is still in its first year of business. As the founding directors have insight, knowledge and experience with IT-related work and business challenges and solutions, the combination of these insights formed CoreMega Solutions – to solve IT-related challenges in a business-smart manner.
We recognize the need for the development of entrepreneurship in our economy and we therefore aim to assist all enterprises, big and small, with affordable solutions to cut down on their expenses and increase their efficiency and efficacy. If our solution can help you grow and contribute to the economy of our country, we have achieved our goal.
We believe that all business should be run as efficient and effectively as possible while adhering to the modern standards of sustainable, responsible and socially aware business practice. As we ultimately aim to assist you in finding solutions for your company to achieve this ideal level of convenient, well-functioning business practice – we will also assist you in matters relating to business solutions that do not only include IT and networking challenges. We want to assist you, help you solve problems strategically and make your life convenient.



In the near future, once properly established in the market, our aim will also be to encourage young entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, equity groups and genders to grow their own businesses by providing business-smart solutions to them. It is our hope that we’ll be partnering with larger sponsorship enterprises to make this development a reality – ensuring a stronger and greater South Africa for us all.

Furthermore, we will soon be looking into the development of IT-solutions for the tourism industry, specifically game management and security. To minimize the risk of game theft, poaching and to ensure that we protect our African heritage for the world to enjoy.

We will also be looking to add business consulting solutions to our range of services once we are properly established the market.



We are currently operating in the Rustenburg area in terms of network solutions, but we sell and deliver products across the nation. We hope to start delivering IT and network solutions in your city or town in the near future as well.

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